S4S Lumber & Outdoor Dimensional

All prices are subject to change without notice!

We keep S4S 1x4 - 1x12 Poplar, Red Oak, & Hard Maple. Call for lengths.

We can make 1x1-1x12 & 2x2-2x12 pieces of most woods that we carry.

Call to inquire about pricing on S4S lumber by finished thickness, width & length!

Clear Vertical-Grain Cedar 1x4 = $3.95/foot &

up to 20' lengths! Mainly used for boat building.

ROUGH Western Red Cedar sizes:

2x8x8’=$28/each, 1x12x8’=$39/each, 4x4x8’=$34/each & 6x6x8’=$110/each

#2 Knotty White Pine sizes available:

1x12 = $2.20/linear foot up to 8’, 2x12 = $7.70/linear foot up to 16’

1X6 t&g pine car siding $0.80/linear ft.

Redwood 2x6 = $5.95 /linear foot, rounded edges

Widths vary greatly on hardwoods, so we may not be able to net 9-1/4" on some woods.

Please call to check on availability of the widths you need.

Our lumber is Select & Better, intended to be used to build furniture, boats, jewelry boxes, knife handles, fine cabinetry, kitchenware, instruments, etc.


Call for most current pricing.

All prices are subject to change without notice.