Live Edge Slabs

We have a small solar-powered kiln that we use to dry the slabs that we cut out of local logs. It takes approximately 6 months to dry a load of slabs.


Our Solar Kiln

All slabs have been air-dried & then finish dried in our solar kiln.

All slabs in the showroom will be flattened & sanded using our slab flattening machine.


Flattened/Sanded: Oak, Walnut, Sycamore (1), Ash, Elm, & Poplar

Walnut- $35/BDFT

Other- $20/BDFT

Crotch grain or figured - $35-50/BDFT

California Redwood

We have some really amazing redwood slabs that are a couple feet wide & long for your next conference table or dining table project!



Cocobolo slabs are in stock!

You'll never see anything quite like them in the US!

Come in & check these out!